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Where we do
“one size fits one” dentistry

Where we do
“one size fits one” dentistry

Beautiful results

The beauty and quality of Dr. De Rosier's work speaks for itself.

Our patients have some thoughts on it, too!


porcel-grinder1-normal1 AFTER
porcel-grinder1-rollover1 BEFORE
This woman’s teeth were worn from grinding. Dr. De Rosier restored her beautiful smile with porcelain veneers.
failingbefore-after-normal AFTER
failingbefore-after-rollover BEFORE

Before we replaced her failing, chipped porcelain veneers with natural-looking ones, this patient was embarrassed to smile. Now – she smiles with confidence!

porcel-brighten-normal AFTER
porcel-brighten-rollover BEFORE
Beautiful porcelain veneers brighten this patient’s smile.
metalback-before-after-normal AFTER
metalback-before-after-rollover BEFORE
No more black lines at the gum line! Dr. De Rosier replaced the metal-backed crowns with more natural looking, all porcelain crowns.
spaceclosure-before-after-normal AFTER
spaceclosure-before-after-rollover BEFORE
We closed up the space between the teeth in just one visit.
oldcrownbefore-after-normal AFTER
oldcrownbefore-after-rollover BEFORE
Worn teeth and an old crown. After orthodontics, this patient whitened his teeth, and we restored his smile.
chippedbefore-after_-normal AFTER
chippedbefore-after_-rollover BEFORE

Chipped teeth repaired – in just one visit.

resinbefore-after-normal AFTER
resinbefore-after-rollover BEFORE
Dr. De Rosier replaced silver fillings with natural looking fillings in one visit.
4-Griste after AFTER
3-Griste before BEFORE
Teeth worn from grinding repaired with simple reshaping and cosmetic bonding–without anesthesia–in one visit.
6-Krause after AFTER
5-Krause before BEFORE
This patient was born without an incisor on the right and a misshapen incisor on the left. His smile was restored with a dental implant and a porcelain veneer.