As a Point Loma Family Dentist, we believe that prevention is the key to health. We are absolutely committed to knowing as much as possible about you, which is why we begin every new relationship with a comprehensive exam. After the examination, we discuss the findings and develop a plan together. We offer all forms of restorative dentistry using the finest materials and latest techniques. If you need to see a dental specialist, you can be assured that we have a carefully selected group of dental specialists to help us help you.

Our experienced team of family dentists in Point Loma are also dedicated to children growing up with healthy teeth – and having a healthy feeling about going to the dentist. Far too many adults have fears of the dental office that began when they were children. We are your family dental care provider in San Diego and we make sure kids have fun here so they beg you to bring them back! Again, prevention is the key: our team of dentists and hygienists in Point Loma promote cavity prevention by prescribing fluoride as appropriate and dental sealants to prevent decay, and watch for early signs of growth issues to promote healthy, functional teeth, jaws and airways (refer to the Sleep Apnea section to see why the airway is important).

Dr. De Rosier recommends having your child in for an initial examination by age one. This is a get-acquainted exam and a chance for Dr. De Rosier to do a visual examination of your child to determine the growth and development of the teeth and arch. He can also evaluate any visual decay or tooth damage.  As a Point Loma family dentist, we believe a gradual introduction to the dentist – when there are no problems – helps your child have a positive view towards future appointments with Dr. De Rosier. We recommend that your child visit Dr. De Rosier every six months after the initial visit. As your child grows, we continue to monitor his or her development to make sure they are as healthy as possible.