Do you snore? Do you fall asleep easily during the day? Do you feel fatigued often? If so, you may have a sleep disorder. The medical world has ignored sleep issues for many years, yet we spend one-third of our lives sleeping. Dr. De Rosier has completed a mini-residency in sleep disorders at UCLA and has dedicated many more hours of study in this subject.

The current gold standard of treatment is continuous positive air pressure (CPAP), which is an air pump connected to a mask that you strap to your face at night. This keeps your upper airway open and prevents the throat from collapsing, which stops the flow of air to your lungs – which then causes you to wake up, thus preventing a good night’s sleep.

Many people have understandable challenges with CPAP and are seeking another solution. Dr. De Rosier has found great success with a custom oral appliance that’s fabricated to hold the jaw forward and prevent the airway from collapsing. No more mask!

In our endeavor to prevent problems, we also evaluate children for airway development issues due to allergies, asthma, enlarged tonsils, and thumb/finger habits. These conditions can cause a narrowed airway, which can cause breathing problems later in life.

There are of course other factors, but we do all we can to limit them.

Sleep apnea and TMJ