The Temporomandibular Joint is a big word for your jaw joint. It seems pretty simple, but this joint is associated with a host of problems — like jaw, neck, and shoulder pain, clicking when you open your mouth, chew, or yawn, and the feeling that your teeth aren’t in the right place when you bite. The compassionate TMJ treatment team in Point Loma can help ease temporomandibular joint dysfunction. 

TMJ problems can be caused by tooth clenching or grinding, growth and development problems, or trauma. Our team of TMJ treatment specialists in Point Loma can identify the cause of your joint pain.

We provide TMJ Treatment to Point Loma and the San Diego community by prescribing medications for acute pain, creating a splint that you can use to relax the jaw muscles, or by making small adjustments to how your teeth come together when you bite. 

If you suffer from temporomandibular joint dysfunction in Point Loma or San Diego, call us today. 


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